Office Automation System (OAS), It’s Benefits and Advantages

Office Automation System (OAS)

Office automation System is a Computer Based Information System (CBIS) that collects, processes, stores and transmits electronic messages. It uses networked computer hardware and software to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic task. It facilitated efficient and effective communication within an organization. Now a days modern technologies are applied in business operation which help in geared up the business toward improving productivity by eliminating redundancies. Office Automation Systems ensure that the required processes run smoothly and are replicated with the same level of accuracy at all the time.

Think of all typical daily workings of an office and think that all the work have to be done manually. Now, let an employee is in the ground floor with no telephone and he have to deliver a message to his CEO at fourth floor. So, he has to climb up to fourth floor to deliver the message. This will slow down the working process of the office as well as not economy with regards to time. This is where the office automation system is introduced. It employs various equipment such as computer, printer, fax machine etc.

Computer network organization has the ability to store and retrieve information the data from virtual database. Information can be retrieve very quickly by using their unique identification key. Even we can print the retrieved data or send to any intended party through electronic medium.

Basic Activities or operations of Office Automation System

Office Automation System

Various activity integrated by office automation system are include –

  1. Electronic publishing: Electronic publishing systems include word processing and desktop publishing. Word processing software, (e.g., Microsoft Word, Corel Word-Perfect) allows users to create, edit, revise, store, and print documents such as letters, memos, reports, and manuscripts.
  2. Electronic Communication: Electronic communication systems include electronic mail (e-mail), voice mail, facsimile (fax), and desktop videoconferencing.
  3. Electronic Collaboration: Electronic collaboration is made possible through electronic meeting and collaborative work systems and teleconferencing. Electronic meeting and collaborative work systems allow teams of coworkers to use networks of microcomputers to share information, update schedules and plans, and cooperate on projects regardless of geographic distance
  4. Image Processing: Image processing systems include electronic document management, presentation graphics, and multimedia systems. Imaging systems convert text, drawings, and photographs into digital form that can be stored in a computer system. This digital form can be manipulated, stored, printed, or sent via a modem to another computer. Imaging systems may use scanners, digital cameras, video capture cards, or advanced graphic computers. Companies use imaging systems for a variety of documents such as insurance forms, medical records, dental records, and mortgage applications.
  5. Office Management: Office management systems include electronic office accessories, electronic scheduling, and task management. These systems provide an electronic means of organizing people, projects, and data. Business dates, appointments, notes, and client contact information can be created, edited, stored, and retrieved.

Benefits of Office Automation System

There are lots of benefits of using office automation system. Some of them are –

  • Office automation reduces the number of clerical
  • Large firms no longer have to employ typists
  • Office employees become more flexible and several people
  • Save time and resources and cost
  • Managers need not necessarily delegate typing, to include more Public Relations work
  • Brings tools and techniques into office and assists people as they process information.
  • Alters the quality of work (QWL), which focuses on opportunities to workers job satisfaction by providing meaningful job as a supportive environment.
  • Increase productivity
  • Can be used to gain strategic advantage
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